The Undertaker (undertaking4u) wrote,
The Undertaker

34: Boobs! [video]

[Webcam flips on, and the sound of creepy, feminine laughter and the sight of a set of rather large, pale breasts enclosed in black clothing greets the unfortunate watcher. The laughing woman sits back, revealing a female Undertaker, who has stripped out of her large coat and seems to be having the most amusing time in the world laughing and jiggling. She might be wearing a touch of lipstick.

~Tee hee hee~. This is ~wonderful~. I want to see ~everyone~!

[Looking down as though a thought has just occurred to her. She whips out a scalpel from her sleeve and looks down at her new assets deviously. ]

Hmmm, I ~usually~ don't get a chance to ~examine~ while they are still alive...

[The Undertaker looks torn about whether he desires more to see each and every gender-swapped person on campus or use this moment of science to cut himself open for a look-see. Finally, he sighs and switches off the camera. Guess he's staying in for now.]

[[ooc: I can't draw, but here is an attempt at a reference for Undertaker-chan: zomgboobs

Tags: amazement, boobs, genderswap, lol, undertaker, virus
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