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37: Yule have to help me here

Hmmm...without an ~apprentice~ to help me out, it will be very ~difficult~ to deliver gifts like I did ~last~ year. Does anyone have any good ~ideas~ about some ~other~ way to celebrate this ~Yuletide~ season?
~Someone~ seems to have flipped the tunnels ~upside down~. I am just ~glad~ I had a ~spare~ coffin on the wall so I'll have ~somewhere~ to sleep tonight...although it's a bit of a ~climb~ to get to. I wonder if I'll be able to fall ~asleep~ upside down like a ~bat~.

35: Pimp Suit? [video]

[Undertaker is seen wearing a green and purple suit covers in question marks. He has a green mask over his eyes (at least, what can be seen from under his bangs. He holds explosives in his hands.]

~Riddle~ me this,
~riddle~ me that,
has anyone seen
my ~black~  top hat?

If no one can ~solve~ this, I may have to ~detonate~ this bomb. No hard feelings.

34: Boobs! [video]

[Webcam flips on, and the sound of creepy, feminine laughter and the sight of a set of rather large, pale breasts enclosed in black clothing greets the unfortunate watcher. The laughing woman sits back, revealing a female Undertaker, who has stripped out of her large coat and seems to be having the most amusing time in the world laughing and jiggling. She might be wearing a touch of lipstick.

~Tee hee hee~. This is ~wonderful~. I want to see ~everyone~!

[Looking down as though a thought has just occurred to her. She whips out a scalpel from her sleeve and looks down at her new assets deviously. ]

Hmmm, I ~usually~ don't get a chance to ~examine~ while they are still alive...

[The Undertaker looks torn about whether he desires more to see each and every gender-swapped person on campus or use this moment of science to cut himself open for a look-see. Finally, he sighs and switches off the camera. Guess he's staying in for now.]

[[ooc: I can't draw, but here is an attempt at a reference for Undertaker-chan: zomgboobs

33: Ruckus

I curl up to take a nice ~nap~ in my coffin, and when I ~wake~ up, ~half~ of campus has been ~destroyed~ again. What happened? I don't suppose anyone was ~killed~. That would be too ~fortunate~.

[[ooc: Somebody is cranky after being woken up from a week-long nap and finding out he missed out on the carnage destruction excitement.]]

32: Ticket

There is ~one~ of me, and ~two~ tickets...
I assume I can't go ~twice~, so...would someone like to go on the ~boat~? It will ~only~ cost one good ~joke~.

31: Clean Up

The ~food~ outside is starting to ~stink~. It is not what I am ~accustomed~ to, but I am going to ~bury~ what I can of it before we have a ~bigger~ fly problem than we already ~do~.  If anyone would like to ~assist~ me (ahem, ~apprentice~), I have an extra ~shovel~ or two.

30: DX

I have only been back ~one~ day and I wish to go ~home~ again. Everything is ~different~, my things are ~missing~, and everyone is in a ~terrible~ mood. Why can't I stay in ~London~ where people keep ~dying~ in new and ~interesting~ ways appreciate a ~hardworking~ undertaker?

29: Past Self? [voice]

[Undertaker is probably going to spend some time recovering from the past!Hakkai attack. In the meanwhile, a slightly-past version of himself is running around, acting almost exactly like the Undertaker we all know and avoid in the hallways love. The difference is, he is not wounded, he doesn't know anyone on campus, and he arrived in the middle of the Jack the Ripper investigation, which means he is probably currently covered in blood and minced prostitute, and is rather eager to get back home to finish piecing them back together and to find/bury the culprit. If anyone wants to meet him, let me know.]

[Present Undertaker, sounding slightly groggy] I ~know~ something is going on ~upstairs~, but can you ~please~ keep it ~down~ up there? ~Some~ of us are ~trying~ to rest. [mumbling] ~much~ quieter at home. At least the ~dead~ don't make a ~racket~ at all hours.

28: A Christmas Miracle [video]

[ooc: after the YnM stabbing event...some NPCs are dead, and it's up to Undertaker to clean them up.]

[Undertaker flips on the video feed. He has blood spattered across his face and hands (and probably on his clothes, though the dark color hides it well] My work has ~finally~ caught up to me. You'll have to ~excuse~ me for the next few days, ~dear~ students. Someone left me ~quite~ a mess to reassemble, and my ~guests~ always come first.

Consequently, if ~either~ one of my ~apprentices~ or anyone in ~Anatomy~ class want some ~first hand~ experience with a human body, swing by the Biology lab. Everyone ~else~ might want to avoid it for a few days. I am ~told~ the smell of ~blood~ and formaldehyde can be quite ~overwhelming~ for those unaccustomed to it.