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27: The Gravity of the Situation

i feeel strangse tyoepinf is veryhaerd awt thw miment
ithinwk i will sstaty insude iuntuil i feel noermal agaeiun

[[ooc: Backdated to shortly after the pop quiz. Undertaker failed the quiz and is now feeling very heavy. He will be curled up inside his coffin until it wears off.]]

26: Follow Up

I hope everyone ~enjoyed~ their Christmas presents and had a ~happy~ new year. I'm still not sure what year it is here, but I ~trust~ the school will make it ~eventful~.

On ~that~ note, who would like to help me make~coffin carts~?

25: Planning

~Christmas~ time is almost here. I ~hope~ you have all been ~good~ little girls and boys this year...
Locked to KaitoCollapse ) Locked to HamelCollapse )

If anyone ~else~ would like to help spread the ~Christmas cheer~, I have a ~special~ surprise in mind. I could use some extra ~bodies~ to ~help~ me.

24: Ghost of Christmas Present

It is almost ~December~, and that means frostbite and influenza and ~Christmas~! I have ~already~ begun making presents. If anyone has any ~special~ requests, let me know. We should all spread the ~joy~ and ~happiness~ of the Christmas season!

23: To tell you the ~truth~

I do not ~kill~ people. I've always been very ~patient~ waiting for ~customers~. I haven't been this long without ~burying~ someone since I started my ~career~. I am ~bored~ and rather ~perplexed~ as to why all of you are so ~healthy~. Really, almost half a ~year~ and not ~one~ person has ~died~, not even from a ~freak~ accident. You really should be more considerate to those of us who make a living of your dying...

So, would anyone like to ~assist~ me with making a ~coffin cart~? The ~only~ thing more fun than a ~coffin~ is a coffin with ~wheels~or a dead ~baby~ in a ~clown~ suit in a coffin with wheels...

22: *Hoping for frostbite or hypothermia*

It is ~snowing~ outside. You ~know~ what that means, ~dear~ students- winter ~merriment~ and frolicking in the deadly ~ice~ cold snow. I expect ~ice~ sculptures and ~snow angels~ from everyone! And ~don't~ forget to skate on the thin ice! ~Ha ha ha ha ha~.
Just forget remember to wear your ~gloves~ so you don't lose any ~fingers~ to frostbite.

21: Not Dead [Backdated to physical]

What do they ~mean~ embalming fluids are ~unhealthy~? They did not even make a ~single~ cut to look ~inside~ of me! How are they supposed to know how ~healthy~ I am without a little ~examination~?

If anyone here wants to ~really~ know how their ~organs~ are functioning, I am ~ready~ and ~willing~ to do a ~thorough~ examination.

20: This is Halloween

This is the most ~wonderful~ day ever! I've ~never~ seen the campus look so ~lovely~. And so many ~familiar~ faces...although I am ~quite~ sure I've ~buried~ them before...and there is a friendly ~new~ face in the ~tunnels~. He is so ~fun~; you all simply ~must~ meet him!

So, who wants to ~meet~ in the park and tell ~ghost stories~ around the bonfire?

[OOC- Your characters may see the Undertaker running around gleefully, dressed as a mummy. He is alternating his time exploring the campus, attempting to talk with ghosts, and playing with Oogie Boogie. ))

19: Witty and Bright as well

I feel ~pretty~!

If ~someone~ finds my ~hat~, please ~return~ it to me. If something were to ~happen~ to it I would be forced to bring out my scythe again I would be ~most~ upset.

((Undertaker looks rather like this The hat is necessary))

18: Amusement

I found this ~comic~ today. What a ~lovely~ sentiment!