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29: Past Self? [voice]

[Undertaker is probably going to spend some time recovering from the past!Hakkai attack. In the meanwhile, a slightly-past version of himself is running around, acting almost exactly like the Undertaker we all know and avoid in the hallways love. The difference is, he is not wounded, he doesn't know anyone on campus, and he arrived in the middle of the Jack the Ripper investigation, which means he is probably currently covered in blood and minced prostitute, and is rather eager to get back home to finish piecing them back together and to find/bury the culprit. If anyone wants to meet him, let me know.]

[Present Undertaker, sounding slightly groggy] I ~know~ something is going on ~upstairs~, but can you ~please~ keep it ~down~ up there? ~Some~ of us are ~trying~ to rest. [mumbling] ~much~ quieter at home. At least the ~dead~ don't make a ~racket~ at all hours.
Tags: event, hakkai, past self, sleepy, stfu guys, undertaker, wounded
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