The Undertaker (undertaking4u) wrote,
The Undertaker

28: A Christmas Miracle [video]

[ooc: after the YnM stabbing event...some NPCs are dead, and it's up to Undertaker to clean them up.]

[Undertaker flips on the video feed. He has blood spattered across his face and hands (and probably on his clothes, though the dark color hides it well] My work has ~finally~ caught up to me. You'll have to ~excuse~ me for the next few days, ~dear~ students. Someone left me ~quite~ a mess to reassemble, and my ~guests~ always come first.

Consequently, if ~either~ one of my ~apprentices~ or anyone in ~Anatomy~ class want some ~first hand~ experience with a human body, swing by the Biology lab. Everyone ~else~ might want to avoid it for a few days. I am ~told~ the smell of ~blood~ and formaldehyde can be quite ~overwhelming~ for those unaccustomed to it.
Tags: a job, apprentices, corpses, undertaker, yay
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